About Us

We are a communication agency specialized in direct and interactive communication with the market. Our aim is to increase your brand awareness and improve your relationship with the focus audience through digital events.

We support our clients in the areas of:

  • strategy 
  • increasing the audience
  • audience engagement
  • digital journey
  • promotion
  • program
  • analysis of digital behavior

Main reasons to use virtual and hybrid events:

  • getting new leads
  • market research
  • project presentation
  • presentation of products and services
  • market education
  • brand awareness
  • convergence of online to offline attendees


Virtual events bring a new logic and a different psychology of the attendees compared to physical events.

They are an ecologically and epidemiologically more acceptable model – there is no waste generation, no need to travel to events or keep a social distance.

Our references

Numbers of virtual and hybrid events we organized so far

Feel free to reach us for more information on what we can do for your business.


The beauty of WOOM.zone is that we are giving to society and business community new ideas, contacts, knowledge and experience to increase their quality of living and working, to be happier and more satisfied.  Also, we believe that giving is socially responsible, especially in times of global crisis and after COVID-19 times.

WOOM.zone contributes to energy savings because through the use of such a platform we significantly reduce the consumption of energy used for travel and event organization as we know it and reduce the generation of waste during the organization of classic events.

And last but not least, WOOM.zone gives each of us a quality of life because we can use WOOM.zone whenever we like from any place in the world at any time.