Business sailing as a hybrid event

May 21, 2021 | Blog

After a long period of time we are organizing an event that should represent a business event model for the future. Events will have physical and virtual participation integrated – physical participants will have more time for business networking and face-to-face socializing, which is much needed after more than a year. While the participants of a physical event are socializing, for the virtual participants there will be a special virtual program. Although the physical participants will need to comply with the epidemiological measures, they will have that special event experience.

For this reason we are organizing Business Woom Day as part of Fiumanka regatta on the 11th June 2021 where the socializing will be organized on the hybrid panels, lunch and the winner ceremony for the best regatta contestants in the evening but also during the sailing in the afternoon hours. The participants can spend the whole day in their sports casual clothes and not in their suits, ties or dresses. We hope that this experience will provide another dimension of enjoying the business events. It will also be interesting to see the brand promotions in this new business event model.

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