Hybrid events are the present and the future

Apr 27, 2021 | Blog

According to all the recent forecasts and our own experience, business events as we remember them from before COVID can be forgotten. Hybrid events are the present and the future.

The market recognized multiple benefits from organizing hybrid events (physical and virtual event synergy). The advantages compared to the physical events were recognized by all: participants, organizers, sponsors, media…

Besides a significantly higher number of attendees on the physical and virtual event and the interaction with the participants, analysis show better data for all segments… even for smaller but better-quality networking on the physical event.

The event industry estimate, but also our experience says that the number of participants on the physical events will decrease. With that the networking will become smaller but better quality – not superficial anymore. On the physical event more time will be dedicated to socializing and networking and the content will be focused on the virtual participants. For example, during the coffee break on the physical events, the virtual participants will be shown special content such as exclusive interviews, party videos etc.

Do you think your events will become hybrid and more useful to you?

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