Predictions for 2023 for the event industry

Nov 14, 2022 | Blog

According to recent international research, some of the trends in the event industry are:


  • 68% companies plan to organize also a virtual segment of their event (they plan to organize hybrid events) 
  • B2B companies invest 40% of their marketing budget in events
  • There is a strong focus on the interactivity with the attendees, on-site but also virtual through the interactive tools provided by the specialized event platforms
  • A strong growth of virtual events is expected as a result of the global economic and energy crisis, a rise of business and life expenses but also due to a growing habit of using virtual platforms by the participants
  • Measuring results of event success and the sponsor goals through different analysis tools likeROE (Return on event), CPA (Cost per attendee) etc.
  • Digitalization of event organizing by using specialized platforms which provide a strong digital interactivity and event analysis
  • Focus on growing ecological and epidemiological standards in event organization. blog: