Reflecting on a Successful Year: Milestones, Partnerships, and Future Trends in Virtual and Hybrid Events

Jan 3, 2024 | Blog

​With pride, we highlight that by December 31, 2023, we successfully organized 200 excellently conceptualized webinars and the first two virtual fairs, specialized events that attracted 32,497 individual participants. This continuous series of events covered 16 diverse thematic arenas, providing relevant experiences and knowledge to our participants. Through our commitment to creating a space for education, inspiration, and the exchange of ideas, and by providing value to our sponsors through digital communication models and analytics, we have simultaneously laid the groundwork for the further development of virtual and hybrid events. In 2023, we also became partners of the Communication Days along with our partner, the Confiva platform.

As a specialized media outlet, we have made a significant contribution to the field of virtual and hybrid events. We eagerly anticipate further growth, the development of our events, and the creation of new business models, especially utilizing artificial intelligence and new technological achievements in the upcoming period, continuing to provide quality information and experiences to our participants.

Thanks to everyone who participated and supported us on this journey! Let’s enjoy this year as well! blog: