Why to be a sponsor or an exhibitor?

Participating as a sponsor or an exhibitor at a virtual expo can provide several benefits, including: 

Exhibitors at virtual EXPO
  • Increased reach and accessibility: Virtual expos can attract attendees from all over the world, providing sponsors and exhibitors with a wider audience and greater visibility.
  • Networking and lead generation: Virtual expos provide sponsors and exhibitors with the ability to connect with attendees through live chat, video conferencing, online meetings and other networking opportunities, allowing them to generate leads and establish new business contacts.
  • Lower costs: Virtual expos often have lower costs compared to in-person events, with reduced expenses for travel, accommodation, man-hours and other logistical costs. Virtual expos have much better ROI (return on investment) and CPA (cost per attendee) than live expos.
  • Measurable engagement: Virtual expos provide sponsors and exhibitors with digital analytics, the ability to easily track and measure attendee engagement, such as booth visits, content downloads, and lead generation.
  • Enhanced branding and marketing opportunities: Virtual expos offer sponsors and exhibitors a range of opportunities to showcase their brand and marketing materials through virtual booths, presentations, polls, gamification and other digital content.
  • Increased flexibility and customization: Virtual expos offer greater flexibility and customization options for sponsors and exhibitors, allowing them to tailor their virtual presence to their specific needs and goals, like markets and leads.

Why to attend?

Virtual expos offer several benefits to attendees, some of which include:

Virtual EXPO attendee
  • Convenience: Virtual expos eliminate the need for attendees to travel to a physical location, saving time and expenses.
  • Increased accessibility: Virtual expos can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection 24/7 during the working days of expo, making it easier for attendees with disabilities
  • More flexibility: Virtual expos often offer more flexible schedules, allowing attendees to participate at their convenience.
  • Greater reach: Attendees have access to a wider range of exhibitors and speakers from diverse geographical locations.
  • Interactive experience: Virtual expos offer interactive exhibits, webinars, chat rooms, and other engagement opportunities that enable attendees to learn and connect with others.
  • Time-saving: Attendees can browse exhibits, watch presentations, and interact with exhibitors without waiting in lines or dealing with other logistical challenges.
  • Reduced costs: Virtual expos often have lower registration fees than traditional in-person events, and attendees save on travel and lodging expenses.
  • Virtual networking: enables all expo attendees who want to get to know each other for new business to do so during the virtual expo
  • Eco-friendly: Virtual expos reduce the carbon footprint associated with traditional in-person events.

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