“Benefits of digitalization in logistics operations”

Mobility & Transport Arena, Topics

When: 24.01.2023., 02:00 PM – 3:30 PM CET


We often hear about logistics optimization as one of the key tasks of the operational team. But it is difficult to optimize what is not digitized.

At this webinar we will talk about how to make the route planning process digital, how to connect the logistics digitalization process to all other processes such as storage, finance etc. We will talk about how to digitize and automate the route planning and which advantages it offers; shorter planning time, practical tool for route tracking for the courier and the logistics manager, clear delivery time for the customers and as a result – lower delivery costs and higher service quality, analysis and operations planning.



The webinar will be in Croatian with simultaneous translation to English and free of charge.

The webinar will be recorded.

Sponsor: RouteQ

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