“Challenges and opportunities of fintech industry – Revolut story” – A Smart Fintech Talk

Digital Arena, E-commerce Arena, Investment Arena, Topics

When: 19.05.2021., 2:00 PM – 2:45 PM CET


How does the fintech industry affect your life and your business? What changes are ahead of us? What are the challenges and what are the opportunities of the industry? What is the difference between Revolut and  Revolut Bank?

Fintech companies are shaping new ways of managing money that were unimaginable until a few years ago. Why are they born and what are they trying to do? Revolut attracted over 15 million customers in less than 6 years and has become a benchmark in the industry. Let’s discover what is at the core of the company’s success.

Elena Lavezzi – Head of Southern Europe, Revolut – guest


Velimir Šonje – Managing Director and Founder,  Arhivanalitika/Ekonomski Lab – moderator

This webinar will be in English and free of charge. The webinar will be recorded.

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