“How has the SCORE project helped local communities to speed up their energy transitions?”

Green Arena, Topics

When: 17.12.2021., 12:30 PM – 2:00 PM CET


The EU “Clean Energy Package” introduced “active consumers” as prosumers and their rights to produce, sell and share their own electricity in “Renewable Energy Communities” (RECs).

Currently, EU Member States are transposing the new rules (RED II & IEMD) into the national laws. The national rules differ widely, especially regarding the “enabling framework”.

Supporting consumer ownership in renewable energies is one of the many challenges in this process and this webinar will focus on some new solutions.

In light of that, the conference will have four main topics:

1) Which lessons can be drawn from the SCORE pilots and follower city projects – especially for municipalities?

2) How can individual consumers be encouraged to become prosumers and engaged in energy efficiency?

3) Which opportunities and synergies can energy / electricity sharing provide for RECs?

4) Which business opportunities can they provide for professional energy sector actors?


  • Jens Lowitzsch – Professor at European University Viadrina, Frankfurt
  • Ludwig Karg – Owner of B.A.U.M. Consult GmbH, Munich
  • Todor Galev – Director of Research at Center for the Study of Democracy, Sofia
  • Thomas Pellerin-Carlin – Director of the Jacques Delors Energy Center, Paris (TBC)
  • Aleksandar Kovacevic – Senior Visiting Research Fellow, The Oxford Institute for Energy Studies, Oxford
  • Vjeran Piršić – President of the association Eko Kvarner – moderator




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This webinar will be in English and free of charge. The webinar will be recorded.

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