“Sustainable solutions for coastal and maritime mobility”

Green Arena, Mobility & Transport Arena, Topics

When: 11.06.2021., 10:00 AM – 12:00 PM CET


The coastal and maritime mobility sector can make a major contribution to the transition to sustainable development, which is the goal of the European Green Agenda. Compared to road mobility, the general public is less aware of the breakthroughs in coastal and maritime mobility, so this sector seems to be lagging behind in the decarbonisation process. However, in order to support the EU’s goal of becoming the first climate-neutral continent, undoubtedly a very ambitious goal, there are a number of opportunities and challenges for the private and public sectors related to coastal and maritime mobility. As decarbonisation requires profound transformation, it opens up new competitive scenarios and business opportunities. 

The aim of the discussion is to explore and shed light on modern coastal and maritime mobility as a cleaner, alternative mobility option, which can translate the green transition into sustainability. Obstacles, drivers and opportunities of this transition, as well as investment opportunities in the new transport sector, are just some of the topics on which the panellists will share their views.


  • Heri Bezić, PhD – President of the Croatian Chamber of Economy – County Chamber Rijeka
  • Guido Piccoli – CEO, Alot Srl
  • Teuta Duletić mag.ing.nav.arch., MBA – Managing Director, Maritime Center of Excellence d.o.o., Lürssen Design Center Kvarner d.o.o.
  • Kristijan PavićChairman Of The Board, ACI d.d.
  • Vedran Kirincic, PhD – Faculty of Engineering, University of Rijeka – moderator


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This webinar will be in English and free of charge. The webinar will be recorded.

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