VirtuaLogistics Expo 2023

Mobility & Transport Arena, Topics

VirtuaLogistics Expo 2023

When: 13. 06. 2023. – 18. 06. 2023.


Connecting the world through logistics, transport and warehousing

What to expect?

This event brings together industry leaders, professionals, and companies from around Central & Eastern Europe to showcase the latest products, services, experiences and innovations in the field of supply,  transport, logistics and warehousing.

This fully virtual business expo offers a unique opportunity for attendees to explore the latest trends,  insights, and technologies in the supply chain industry. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting out, you’ll find valuable information, expert guidance, and actionable advice to help you stay ahead  of the curve and achieve your business goals.

Our virtual business expo offers a wide range of features, including informative and interactive talk shows, change experience talks, interactive workshops, engaging panel discussions, case studies and opportunities to network with other attendees and industry experts. This is the first expo which is developed in  cooperation with AI.

You’ll have the chance to connect with fellow professionals, share  knowledge and experiences, and build valuable relationships that can help you advance your career and grow your business. The expo showcases the latest products and services from leading companies in transport, logistics and warehousing, providing you with a comprehensive overview of the market landscape. You’ll be able to interact with exhibitors and sponsors, view product demos, and learn about the latest innovations in supply chain technology, transportation, logistics, and more.

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