ZIRP 2021 – The Science and Development of Transport

Mobility & Transport Arena, Topics

When: 30.09.2021. – 01.10.2021.


ZIRP is one of the region’s leading Conferences in the field of transport and logistics
with international recognition (participants from around 20 countries).

The main aim of the Conference is to inspire innovation in the transport industry by providing
the opportunity for the scientists and the practitioners to work together.

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9.30-11.30 Opening speech and Plenary session (Invited lectures)

12.00-13.30 Panel discussion – Smart Mobility for Future Cities – HALL 1

15.00-17.00 Paper presentations

15.00-17.00 Workshop LOMI – Invited lecture



9.00-10.00 Plenary session (Invited lectures) – HALL 1

11.00-13.30 Paper presentations

11.00-14.00 Workshop + Discussion and conclusion


This Conference will be in English. The Conference will be recorded.

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